Our Family Vacation | Goodbye Defiance, Ohio | Hello Myrtle Beach!

Our family life is crazy. We have busy schedules and let's be honest, being self-employed adds a whole other level of craziness. Other than weekend get-a-ways with the kids we had never actually been on a family vacation with them. We found out that my parents were going on vacation to Myrtle Beach and we, along with my sister and her two girls, decided to tag along. The idea of getting away from the unpredictable weather of Northwest Ohio and spending time on the warm beach with the sand in our toes and the sun on our face was very exciting.  

After a long drive over 12 hours we finally arrived at our destination, beautiful North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Our kids had never seen the ocean so we introduced them to the great Atlantic Ocean with the salt water breeze, sandy beach, and crashing waves.  

We had scattered showers our first full day there but we made the best of it and got in some beach time in between. 

Defiance family photography on vacation
Family Photography on vacation at Myrtle Beach
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Defiance, Ohio Family Photographer
Family Photographer
Family Photography, Defiance Ohio Photographer, Destination Myrtle Beach
Child Photography, Family Photography, Defiance Ohio Photographer
Defiance Ohio Children's Photography, Nortwest Ohio Photographer
Family Lifestyle Photography, Defiance Ohio Photographer, Myrtle Beach

Being the photographer, I miss out on family pictures on most occasions because I am behind the camera instead of in front of it.  With some quick training and presetting all the manual settings for her, I handed off my camera to my sister, Andrea, who graciously offered to get some shots of our family together.  

Family Photographer, Defiance, Ohio, on vacation in Myrtle Beach
Family Photography on vacation in Myrtle Beach, Defiance Ohio Photographer

As a photographer it is some times difficult to make the decision between capturing the memories and making sure I'm part of them. Sometimes I have to put the camera down so I can be a part of the experience with my kids and help them create memories instead of just documenting them. Because of that, there is so much of our vacation that I don't have images of to look back on but I'm so grateful for the moments that I was able to capture.  

The sun did eventually come out and we enjoyed a hot week under the rays. Despite repeated sunscreen application, the sun won. We all returned home a little pink, or maybe it would be more accurate to say a lot red. 

Child Photography, Defiance Ohio photographer, Myrtle Beach vacation
Lifestyle Photography, Defiance Ohio Photographer, Northwest Ohio Photography, in Myrtle Beach, SC
Defiance Ohio Child Photographer, in Myrtle Beach, SC
North Myrtle Beach

From night time walks on the beach, sand between our toes, spending time with family, an exciting trip on the Pirates Voyage, endless crab legs, flying kites on the beach, the luck of an ice cream shoppe right by your rental, to waking up at 5:30 to watch the sunrise over the ocean, this vacation was just what we needed. 

All vacations must come to end.  But I must admit the thoughts of moving somewhere closer to the beach did cross our minds.  Nonetheless, we headed back to the reality of work, school, and homework in Defiance, Ohio.  

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    Casie S. (Sunday, 30 April 2017 21:27)

    Beautiful pictures!!! If you ever go back down that way, check out Wilmington, NC. That's where my sister moved and it is beautiful! Right between the river and the ocean. The downtown area is really neat and there's a beautiful lake full of gators and turtles! We love going to Myrtle Beach for a day sometimes when we visit her too!