Brittany & Levi | Wedding Photography | Nazareth Hall | Grand Rapids, Ohio

I remember my first contact with Brittany. She was a little frantic thinking she waited too long to find their wedding photographer, but excitement grew when she found out I had her date open. The planning was on! I could see the excitement grow even more over the next couple of months as Brittany would see and comment on other wedding galleries that were posted to our blog. Soon enough, Brittany and Levi's wedding day was here. It was finally their turn!

I arrived at the gorgeous, Nazareth Hall to find Brittany and her bridesmaids getting ready in their suite upstairs. Brittany was slightly panicked about our time schedule since her dress had not arrived at the venue yet.  I assured her that we would make everything work out.  As soon as the dress arrived we dove in with her detail shots and then it was time for Brittany to become the beautiful bride!

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LaBo's Aquatics | Small Business Feature | Bryan, Ohio

As you go through downtown Bryan, Ohio, you are greeted by the town's beautiful Court House on the square and the small businesses surrounding it. Just off of the square on North Main Street is a little shop called LaBo's Aquatics. I'll admit, I'm not super familiar with aquatic pets, but there is so much more to this family owned small business. Walking through the doors you are brought back to hometown values and great friends. 

Shop owners, Dustin and Crystal LaBo, have been amazing friends of ours for many years. It has been a blessing watching their dreams grow and seeing them work so hard to accomplish them. Dustin has always loved aquatic life and got started in the business by cleaning tanks and things grew from there to selling aquatic life out of his basement, to finally opening their own store in April, 2015 at 106 North Main Street in Bryan, Ohio.  

LaBo's Aquatics, Northwest Ohio, Photography
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