Wine O'Clock

A Woman's Life in Small Town, Defiance, Ohio

As women we have worked our asses of for equality.  We want what men have had for years. We want status, respect, and worth. What that has gotten us is super swamped schedules with taking on the corporate world and still balancing the world of being mom, wife, friend, daughter, cleaning lady, chauffeur, cook, home nurse, family counselor and the list goes on and on. I wouldn't trade it for the world, but man, it is exhausting!  While I may not be the best at being the cleaning lady or cook, or any of those roles for that matter, I give it my best shot.


I must admit that there are more days than not that there are piles of clothes waiting to be put in the washer, and a few more piles waiting to be folded.  And more nights than not, we go to bed with dirty dishes still sitting in the sink waiting to be loaded into the dishwasher.  I haven't figured out this perfect balance of taking on all of these roles.  Some days I accept that I'm not Wonder Woman and I'm perfectly okay with that.  Other days I feel like I'm dragging our sisterhood of professional women down and just can't live up to the standard of the "do it all, get it all done, with style, woman".  More days than I can count I fall flat on my face into a muddy puddle of Wonder Woman failure.  

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Family Pictures...The Struggle is Real

This is Just Too Stressful! Clothes, Location, Time, Crazy Kids....Ahhhhh!!!!

I have people tell me all the time, "I need to get with you to schedule something! We haven't done family pictures since our 15 year old was 2 years old."  Six months later, "I really need to get with you to schedule something, we've just been so busy." I get it!  The struggle is REAL!

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Jeremy & Becca | Wedding | Napoleon, Ohio | April 23, 2016

Wedding Dress, Wedding Photographer, Defiance, Ohio, Northwest Ohio

When I first met Jeremy and Becca I knew they had a solid foundation in their relationship. They looked to each other when deciding on plans for the photography at their wedding, working together as a couple making this day perfect for both of them. They had a very clear idea of what they wanted, but were relaxed enough to let everything fall into place without stressing, at least they didn't let it show if they did. 

We discussed their vision on a Christ centered ceremony and their eyes would light up just talking about it. Everything had special meaning to them and a purpose. This wasn't going to be just an "event" or a moment in their life, this was going to mean something and be something special. 

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Mom's Day!

Children's Photographer, Defiance, Ohio

This is my 13th Mother's Day and my first Mother's Day without my kids. They made plans with my parents to spend the weekend with them at the lake...without realizing that it was Mother's Day weekend. I reminded them that they wouldn't be with me on Mother's Day, as I was really hoping that they would rethink their desire to go to the lake and decide that being with Mom was more important. Instead, I was informed of HOW GREAT it would be for me to have Mother's Day all to myself....quiet without kids. While most days this sounds like pure bliss I felt a little jaded that my kids didn't want to be with me on Mother's Day. I contemplated making them stay home, then quickly realized that if they were upset because of missing out on going to the lake I would only be spending Mother's Day with crabby kids who still wanted to be some place else...not my idea of a pleasant Mother's Day.  So the decision was made!  No kids on Mother's Day!  I would have the day to myself...the hubs is working and the kids are gone.  Just me, myself and I. 

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Slow Down...Just for a Little While

I admittedly spend too much time getting distracted by Facebook. I'll be hard at work on my computer and I hear this little "BING!" I can hardly stop myself from pulling up my Facebook page to check to see what the latest notification is about. I tell myself that I'm checking it because you never know when a potential client is trying to contact you. In reality I've fallen prey to the addiction of social media, and I'm once again pulled in and distracted from my task at hand. I again, justify my ADD tendency because it's often a post from, one of the many, photography groups I am part of and I'm just "learning" something new, so it's okay.  I know, I know....those are all excuses!  Every once in a while I come across something that just touches my heart and I don't regret getting lost in my Facebook news feed midday.  Today was one of those days.  

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