Bremer Family | Little Miracles | Defiance, Ohio

Family Photography at Oxbow Lake, Defiance, Ohio

Meet The Bremers, Shawn, Carrie and "Baby Ava". This family holds a very dear spot in my heart. Carrie is my older sister. Growing up Carrie and I had our times where we were very close and times we would fight like cats and dogs.  After all, we were only 1 year and 4 months apart in age and had very different personalities, sometimes balancing each other out, sometimes causing more conflict than resolution.  As we grew up we took different paths.  Carrie married her high school sweetheart, Shawn, and focused on her professional career and travel with her wonderful hubby.  I, on the other hand, started my family just shy of turning 20.  Andrea, our younger sister, followed suite and took on the family life by her mid twenties. Carrie and Shawn were enjoying their freedom and experiencing the world while getting established in their professions. I often found myself jealous of all of the things Carrie and Shawn got to experience as a married couple, while we stayed home experiencing parenthood.   

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