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I remember my first contact with Brittany. She was a little frantic thinking she waited too long to find their wedding photographer, but excitement grew when she found out I had her date open. The planning was on! I could see the excitement grow even more over the next couple of months as Brittany would see and comment on other wedding galleries that were posted to our blog. Soon enough, Brittany and Levi's wedding day was here. It was finally their turn!

I arrived at the gorgeous, Nazareth Hall to find Brittany and her bridesmaids getting ready in their suite upstairs. Brittany was slightly panicked about our time schedule since her dress had not arrived at the venue yet.  I assured her that we would make everything work out.  As soon as the dress arrived we dove in with her detail shots and then it was time for Brittany to become the beautiful bride!

Northwest Ohio Wedding Photography, Flowers
Ring Bearer, Nazareth Hall, Wedding Photography
Flower Girl, Nazareth Hall, Northwest Ohio Wedding Photographer
Grand Rapids, Ohio, Wedding Photography, Ring Bearer
Bride, Nazareth Hall, Northwest Ohio, Wedding Photography
Nazareth Hall Bridal Suite, Northwest Ohio Wedding Photography
Nazareth Hall Bridal Suite, Northwest Ohio Wedding Photographer

As Brittany and her bridesmaids were busy with their final touches, Levi and his groomsmen were doing the same.

Groomsmen, Nazareth Hall, Northwest Ohio Wedding Photography

I can still see the look on Levi's face when I told him it was time for him to see Brittany. He was incredibly nervous but yet so excited. I had my assistant photographer, Chelsie, from Chelsie Hosmer Photography, take Levi outside and have him wait for his bride.  I went up to the bridal suite and found a much more relaxed bride ready to see her groom. 

Bride and Groom First Look, Nazareth Hall, Grand Rapids, Ohio
Wedding Photography, Northwest Ohio, Grand Rapids
Nazareth Hall Wedding Photography
Nazareth Hall, Grand Rapids, Ohio Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography, Northwest Ohio, Grand Rapids, Nazareth Hall
Bride and groom, Northwest Ohio Wedding Photographer
Bride and Groom, Nazareth Hall, Grand Rapids, Ohio, Northwest Ohio Wedding Photography

It was time for everything to become official! I hear wedding bells!

Wedding Ceremony, Nazareth Hall Chapel, Northwest Ohio Wedding Photography

Brittany and Levi's son, London, was a little upset that Grandma had left him at the back of the chapel so he could take care of his Ring Bearer duties. 

Ring Bearer, Wedding Photography
Wedding Ceremony, Nazareth Hall Chapel

The nerves were now all calmed.  It was time to celebrate such a beautiful day!

Wedding Cake, Northwest Ohio Wedding Photography
First Dance, Nazareth Hall Wedding Reception

Levi's daughter, Claire, like many 3 year olds, has an obsession with "Frozen".  There was no doubt that a special Daddy Daughter Dance was in order for Claire and Levi set to the music of..."Let it Go". Claire took over the dance floor, sometimes even allowing Daddy to dance with her and sing along. It was absolutely adorable! 

Father Daughter Dance, Grand Rapids, Ohio, Northwest Ohio Photography

To finish off our day, Levi had one special request, a run down the big hill behind Nazareth Hall. In all honesty, his plan was for everyone to roll down the hill but after being met with many objections he decided a run would suffice.  For a couple of the guys, including Levi, the run turned into a roll at the bottom of the steep hill anyway.

Nazareth Hall, Grand Rapids, Ohio, Wedding Photography
Rolling Groomsmen, Northwest Ohio Wedding Photography

Thank you Brittany and Levi for asking me to capture your wedding day!  It was absolutely beautiful!

Thank you to Chelsie Tahy, of Chelsie Hosmer Photography, for being my Assistant Photographer for the day!

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