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The Wedding Day

It was the night before the wedding and I was packing my gear and checking the weather forecast for the big day.  My heart sank as I read "Scattered thunderstorms with the chance of some being severe".  I immediately contacted my assistant and asked her to start praying for good weather for Amber and Devin's outdoor ceremony.  Rain may be good luck on a wedding day, but not when the ceremony is outside! 

Bride, Defiance, Ohio

We woke the next morning to the blessing of a forecast of a beautiful day, full of sunshine and clear skies!  It was the perfect day for an outdoor wedding after all.  We arrived at the ceremony site to see this gorgeous bride, as cool as a cucumber...ready to meet her groom.

Defiance, Ohio Wedding Photography

Devin and Amber chose the perfect spot for their wedding, Devin's grandmother's beautiful country home, in Defiance, where his parents also exchanged their vows.

Groom and Officiant, Defiance, Ohio Outdoor Wedding
Father and Bride, Outdoor Wedding, Northwest, Ohio
First Kiss, Wedding Photography Defiance Ohio
Northwest Ohio Wedding Photography
Bridal Party Northwest Ohio
Bride and Groom, Wedding Photography, Defiance, Ohio
Bridal Portrait, Northwest Ohio Photographer
Bridal Portraits, Defiance Ohio Photography

On to the party at Defiance's UAW Hall.  

Wedding Reception First Dance
UAW Hall, Defiance, Wedding Reception
Wedding Reception, Defiance, UAW Hall
Dancing Wedding Reception Defiance Ohio
Wedding Reception Dancing, Defiance, Ohio
Bride and Groom, Wedding Reception

From beginning to end, the day turned out to be so beautiful.  A great beginning for an even more beautiful marriage.  Congratulations, Devin and Amber!!

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