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Sometimes I forget what's important. I get stuck on all of the things that I can't provide for my family. I see all of the things that we can't afford right now, like trips to Disney World, or expensive toys and electronics for the kids. Then I realize that all of those things are just... things. It's the experiences that my kids will remember and value when they are older. Sometimes that means spending very little to no money at all and enjoying the everyday life that we are blessed with.... like fixing a bike.   

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Our youngest daughter learned how to ride her bike this year without training wheels. Unfortunately, right after she mastered the task one of her bike tires gave out on her and needed replaced. My hubby could have very easily taken a few minutes and changed the tires himself but instead he decided to ask our spunky little Lexi, our middle child, to take on the task. She's our goof ball and can easily entertain herself but she enjoys nothing more than spending some time with a family member, no matter what the activity is. So out to the front porch they went with tools in tow.   

They even managed to enlist some help from Rylee, our little bike owner, but she preferred to supervise instead. 

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Steven let Lexi do the whole project and tried very hard to just help her with instruction and some muscle when needed. It was pretty awesome watching the determination on her face and the smiles. You could see her confidence grow as she learned how to use the tools and could see things coming together.  Rylee's smiles grew bigger and bigger too as she could see that it wouldn't be long before she had a bike to ride again. 

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Getting out the power tools really made Lexi happy!  The extra power probably wasn't really necessary but it's always more fun!!

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In the end we had accomplished a lot.  Not only was Rylee super happy with the fact that her bike was fixed, but they spent quality time with their daddy, Lexi learned how to problem solve, learned about using power tools, and general life skills.  Most importantly, they have memories that they will cherish and Lexi was pretty darn proud of her hard work. Sometimes these little things are so much better than the big things. 

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