Family Pictures...The Struggle is Real

This is Just Too Stressful! Clothes, Location, Time, Crazy Kids....Ahhhhh!!!!

I have people tell me all the time, "I need to get with you to schedule something! We haven't done family pictures since our 15 year old was 2 years old."  Six months later, "I really need to get with you to schedule something, we've just been so busy." I get it!  The struggle is REAL!

Personal Confession Time:
We went 6 years between getting family pictures done.  What's worse, I had another child during that time and she was almost 5 by the time we got our family pictures taken again!  I so very much get that the struggle is real.

Between sports practices, work, and other family obligations, where is there time to plan for your family portraits?  Picking out clothes...that will take me a year in itself!!!  Scheduling a date and time when we are ALL available and taking the time to get ready.  Everyone will probably need a hair cut and I need my roots touched up. Not to mention we will get to the session and my 2 year old isn't going to listen or sit still.  It will just be impossible! The list of excuses for putting it off is never ending. 

Despite the struggle, I do regret not capturing those moments of my kids growing and not capturing their personalities, even when they were two and didn't listen or sit still.  What images I do have of them during that time doesn't include me, because I was the one taking the picture. 

Guess what!?  Family portraits don't have to be that stressful! I looked at all of the different things that made it hard for me to commit to getting my family portraits done and decided I wanted to help my clients through that difficult process.

I will schedule a consultation appointment with you to help you through this whole "stressful" process.  And guess what, I can come to your house, before supper, after supper, or even after the kids are in bed for the night, you can sit and drink a glass of wine or a cold beer and we can talk about what you need for your session. Where you would like hang your family wall art, what sizes would look best, what album you would like to hold all of your session memories in, what clothes and colors to wear that would compliment your home decor, how many prints and what sizes you need for gifts for your family, what location would look best for your family session, and we will get it scheduled.  And because this is a special time for your family and so important to you, you will make sure you schedule around this family event and everyone will be there!  Just like that, you have the details planned!  

Now, let's figure out how we are going to handle those rowdy kids!  Please don't stress over this!  REALLY!!! I mean it!  You can find some tips to help you through the session with small kids right HERE.  It really, honestly, turns out just fine, even when they don't want to listen and follow directions.  Hey, let's be real, what 2 year old wants to listen and follow directions!? I have a ton of experience with little ones and with a focus on a relaxed session we always get great shots full of their personality. 

After our session is over and the edits are all complete,  I will sit down with you again and we will look through all of your beautiful images from your session at the big Art Reveal/Ordering Appointment where you will oooo and ahhh and maybe even shed a tear (of joy of course!). We will pull out the plans from our consultation meeting when we discussed what all products and prints you needed and I will help you fill in your order.  No more overwhelming experience with not knowing how much to order, spending more than you need to on 50 extra prints that sit in a drawer somewhere.  Bam!  Your order is placed right away! 

Why are Family Portraits so Expensive?

Professional Photography has always been a luxury item.  Photographers spend years mastering their craft, spend a ton of money investing in the equipment and programs that allow them to produce the beautiful images they provide their clients, and even more, the good ones invest their heart and soul into capturing a family's true beauty.  

As technology has evolved over the years photographers must continuously invest in new equipment to stay up to the industry standard.  In addition to their equipment there are the continuously evolving product standards.  You have Wal-Mart quality prints, you have other consumer grade printing labs that specialize in printing, you have professional labs that provide standard printing services, and then there are professional labs that provide the "Good Stuff", the archival quality that your children's children and their grandchildren and great grandchildren will be holding and cherishing down the road.  Depending on the priorities of your professional photographer, you might find someone who is satisfied with handing you a disc or USB drive and leave you to go print Wal-Mart quality prints for your walls or plastic sleeved photo albums.  They will start to fade in a couple years, and aren't color accurate to be begin with, but they are pictures none the less, right?  Or on the other end of the spectrum, you may choose a photographer who wants your great great grandchildren to know who YOU are and be able to put a face to a name and cherish their ancestry.  All while they look at a beautifully framed, fine art, wall portrait or an archival, genuine leather, covered album. Which do you think you will invest more in?

Think of it like an opportunity to get your hair cut and colored.  You have the choice cut it yourself at home and color it yourself from one of those boxes of color you buy at the grocery store. The end result might not be the prettiest, probably won't last very long, the color will start to fade, if its even the right color to begin with.  Your cut probably isn't exactly what you were going for because, well, it's not a professional cut.   OR you can take yourself to a professional salon, hire someone who has a gift for cutting hair and specializes in it and has access to the "Good Stuff" and the necessary tools to process your hair color and make it last. Which of these options do you think you are going to invest more in?

When it's time for your family portraits, take some time to think about why it is important to you to have them taken.  Some families will be satisfied with Wal-Mart quality prints for the here and now, but if you want something to hold onto please consider making an investment for your family, even if that means saving up for it so your children and grandchildren have something to look back on.  Creatively Five Photography also offers interest free payment plans on products to help disperse the cost over a period of time so you can easily make that investment for your family without breaking the bank in one day.  

I Never Look Good in Pictures...

"Hi.  My name is Stacy, and I hate how I look in pictures."  Welcome to the club ladies and gentlemen!  I'm so jealous of all of you that love taking selfies.  I'm so much more comfortable being behind the camera and not in front of it.  But for me, having family portraits isn't so I can look at myself, its so my kids can look at pictures of us together. I may look at our pictures and see how much weight I need to loose, or what's wrong with my hair.  My kids look at our family pictures and say how beautiful I am. They see how much I love them and how proud I am to display my family.  For them to have that feeling and see my pride in our family is so worth it, even if I don't think I look "the best". Sometimes we need to get over our own self criticism and do it for the people we love.

Me and my girls!  Photo Credit: Rachel Sharpe Photography
Me and my girls! Photo Credit: Rachel Sharpe Photography

Like this picture of me and my girls.  I could sit here all day long and pick apart how I look, but my girls see something completely different than I do.  So in the end it is absolutely worth making them happy.  And I'm sure this is a picture they will all want when they are older and I am gone, because they just don't have many pictures with their Momma.  

So...Let's get past all of our excuses for not having an up to date family picture...or no family pictures at all and get your complimentary consultation scheduled!

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