Jeremy & Becca | Wedding | Napoleon, Ohio | April 23, 2016

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When I first met Jeremy and Becca I knew they had a solid foundation in their relationship. They looked to each other when deciding on plans for the photography at their wedding, working together as a couple making this day perfect for both of them. They had a very clear idea of what they wanted, but were relaxed enough to let everything fall into place without stressing, at least they didn't let it show if they did. 

We discussed their vision on a Christ centered ceremony and their eyes would light up just talking about it. Everything had special meaning to them and a purpose. This wasn't going to be just an "event" or a moment in their life, this was going to mean something and be something special. 

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The day of the wedding we woke up to beautiful clear skies.  It was an amazing day for a wedding. Becca and Jeremy have been blessed with some amazing friends and had set up plans to meet at their beautiful country property to have brunch with their wedding party, get ready for their big day and have their pictures taken.  They shared many memories together here so it was an important part of their story. 

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It was time for the ceremony.  We arrived at The Armory Arts & Events Center in Napoleon, Ohio.  Becca and Jeremy had it beautifully decorated, ready for their ceremony and then to quickly transform into their reception space.  The ceremony was AMAZING.  Jeremy and Becca's close friend Sam, also their pastor, was the officiant.  Just as they had requested, Sam delivered a beautiful sermon focused on Christ's marriage to the church.  Jeremy and Becca exchanged the vows that they had written for one another, making promises to love each other and support each other through Christ's call for them. 

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They continued the celebration with cutting a doughnut from the Dough Box Bakery instead of cake, with special family meaning behind it of course!  They danced with friends and family, glowing with love the entire day.  It was truly a blessing to capture these moments for Becca and Jeremy. 

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