Mom's Day!

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This is my 13th Mother's Day and my first Mother's Day without my kids. They made plans with my parents to spend the weekend with them at the lake...without realizing that it was Mother's Day weekend. I reminded them that they wouldn't be with me on Mother's Day, as I was really hoping that they would rethink their desire to go to the lake and decide that being with Mom was more important. Instead, I was informed of HOW GREAT it would be for me to have Mother's Day all to myself....quiet without kids. While most days this sounds like pure bliss I felt a little jaded that my kids didn't want to be with me on Mother's Day. I contemplated making them stay home, then quickly realized that if they were upset because of missing out on going to the lake I would only be spending Mother's Day with crabby kids who still wanted to be some place else...not my idea of a pleasant Mother's Day.  So the decision was made!  No kids on Mother's Day!  I would have the day to myself...the hubs is working and the kids are gone.  Just me, myself and I. 

I hit snooze a couple extra times because there were no kids to get ready.  I took my time and got myself, and only myself, ready for church.  I drove myself to church in a quiet van, no arguing over who is touching who or who is annoying her sister.  I walked into an empty church, quiet...peace.  I slowly and quietly set up for communion, which I would be helping to serve during the worship service.  Then I took a seat in my usual spot, right side of the sanctuary, about half way down.  I looked down the pew that is usually filled with my kids and their friends....I had it all to myself.  With 45 minutes to spare before worship service was to start, I took time to be with the Holy Spirit, welcome Him in, and pray.  Praying prayers of thanks for all my beautiful blessings, prayers for guidance through struggles, prayers for forgiveness through my weaknesses, and prayers for use of my life as a vessel for His message.  Instead of feeling cheated on Mother's Day I found myself feeling blessed.  Don't get me wrong, I love taking my children to church so they can experience the Holy Spirit with me but it is a whole other blessing experiencing it without interruption.          

Today I sat and prayed, listened, read along, sang, worshiped, and served The Body and The Blood of Christ to our congregation, all with focus on Christ, and not the little one next to me that has to poop, needs a drink, is wiping her snot on her sleeve, or wants to know what's for lunch in the middle of the sermon.  Pure quietness.   I must admit, I missed the little voices a little bit but I was cherishing the moment of being with Christ and letting Him feed my soul.   

I walked out the front doors feeling refreshed and alive with the Holy Spirit.  I see my van ahead of me...then I notice this, a reminder to take Christ with me... back to being Mom. 

So today I thank God for the blessings of my children and the blessing of having Christ with me when my children are not.  

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day, Family, Children's Photography, Defiance, Ohio
Photo Credit: Rachel Sharpe Photography

P.S.   Don't forget to capture memories with you and your children!  Maybe you don't like the camera and you would rather just have pictures of your kids.  Believe me, when they are adults they will want pictures of you with them to look back on!  Don't forget to hand off the camera to someone else every once in a while and jump in front of the lens.   Or better yet, call me and I'll do it for you!

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    Judith Hasch (Monday, 09 May 2016 21:50)

    Stacy, was almost crying, but know that you had quiet time with God. So hard when you don't have your kids. There are blessings too Grandma got to have her little ones, hope she enjoyed them. Hope you had a good Mothers Day !!❤