Slow Down...Just for a Little While

I admittedly spend too much time getting distracted by Facebook. I'll be hard at work on my computer and I hear this little "BING!" I can hardly stop myself from pulling up my Facebook page to check to see what the latest notification is about. I tell myself that I'm checking it because you never know when a potential client is trying to contact you. In reality I've fallen prey to the addiction of social media, and I'm once again pulled in and distracted from my task at hand. I again, justify my ADD tendency because it's often a post from, one of the many, photography groups I am part of and I'm just "learning" something new, so it's okay.  I know, I know....those are all excuses!  Every once in a while I come across something that just touches my heart and I don't regret getting lost in my Facebook news feed midday.  Today was one of those days.  

I came across a beautiful video (check it out here) that a few of my friends had posted. It reminded me of our girls and how fast they are growing up.  It reminded me how much I take for granted with the simple little things in life that pass so quickly.  Those moments that are just memories now and don't seem to be nearly as clear today as they were yesterday.  And I know in this crazy, chaotic world that we live in it will only get harder and harder to remember all the little details of these beautiful little ladies as they grow.  

I thought about my 13 year old and how I no longer hold her hand when we are crossing the street or walking through a parking lot. I don't remember the last time I held her, no longer so little, hand. In reality she no longer needs me by her side to cross the street at all. I find my 9 year old grabbing for my hand less and less and each time her hand feeling a tiny bit bigger, her stride growing longer.  Soon, the feeling of her hand in mind will be a distant memory. I still have my spunky 5 year old to hold my least for a few more years I hope.

I wish these days moved a little slower.  I wish they grew a little slower.  I wish they let go a little slower. Sometimes I still find myself in shock that I have a 13 year old.  Wasn't it just yesterday that I brought this tiny little baby home from the hospital?  Now she's talking back, likes boys, and I find myself being the over protective parent trying to make sure she stays little for a little while longer.  My babies are growing up and I just wish they would slow down. 

So, while I'm making sure I'm capturing all of those precious memories and wonderful milestones for my clients...I'm going to hold onto my babies and pull out my camera a little more and capture those memories for myself.  Maybe time will seem to slow down and those memories won't slip away quite so quickly.  

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    Karisa Sauceda (Thursday, 05 May 2016 16:37)

    I too find myself doing the same thing with Facebook. That is why I love the memories timeline. Just this week the last of my 4 children turned 3 and her coming home from the hospital picture popped up. I cried.... lol Its funny how time slips by you, and you don't really see it. I too need to start taking out my camera more for my own little family so I can cherish these years and precious time while they are little!!

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    Chris (Friday, 06 May 2016)

    Well said Stacy. You absolutely have a gorgeous family. Keep capturing those moments as my babies are now 23, 20 & 16. Seems like yesterday.